ASMOF NT 2021 Branch Elections

Nominations are called for:

  • Branch President (1) 
  • Branch Vice-President (1)
  • Branch Secretary (1) 
  • Branch Assistant Secretary / Treasurer (1)
  • Branch Councillor - Staff Specialist (1)
  • Branch Councillor - Medical Officer (Doctor in Training) (1)
  • Branch Councillor - Miscellaneous (1) 

Nominations, which must be in writing and comply with the registered rules of the Organisation, may be made at any time from 1/4/2021.

Additional forms are available from the Returning Officer.

Prospective candidates and nominators should verify their financial status and any other qualifications required by the Organisation's rules prior to lodging nominations.

Nominations must reach the Returning Officer via the lodgement method(s) stipulated below not later than 12:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on 22/4/2021.

How to lodge nominations, nominations must be lodged via the following methods(s):

By Email: A properly completed nomination form including all necessary signatures and attachments maybe scanned and submitted as a pdf file to 

1. Emails to the AEC inbox that appear to be spam may be blocked. It is the responsibility of senders to ensure that their emails reaches the4 AEC before the deadline for nominations.

2. In order to be able to be received by the AEC, emails (including attachments) should be no greater than 6 MB in size.

3. You may call 02 9375 6301 to enquire about the status of your nomination.

Withdrawing Nominations 
Nominations cannot be withdrawn after 12:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on 22/4/2021.

Candidate Statements
Candidates may submit a statement to be included with ballot material.
Rule 76 (10) (c) (ii)
"a candidate statement may not exceed 200 words and will include a biography and/or a statement in support of their candidature, together with a photograph of the candidate if desired"

Only statements which comply with the Rules and are received by the Returning Officer by 12:00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)) on 7/5/2021 can be accepted.

Voting Period
If a ballot is required, the dates will be advised at the close of nominations.

A form is available from the Returning Officer for the purpose of appointing Scrutineers.

Other Information
Changed Address? Advise the Organisation now.

Please note: A copy of the AEC's election report can be obtained from the Organisation or from the Returning Officer after the completion of the election.

Please see formal notification below.

AEC Election Notice


The Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation (ASMOF) represents the salaried medical workforce in the Northern Territory providing industrial support, conciliation services and most importantly negotiation of wages and conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Direct input into the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement negotiation process
  • Access to dispute resolution services
  • Individual industrial representations to assist with any workplace disagreements or disputes
  • Access to information and advice with regards to employment conditions
  • Salary advice

For those AMA NT members who are working as salaried medical officers, that is working as an employee, the AMA NT offers joint membership, at no extra charge, with the Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation (ASMOF).

For members who are full-time employees, that's a saving of just over $700 per annum.

PLEASE NOTE: ASMOF NT provides basic industrial support, we do not have a legal department. If the issue is of a serious nature please contact your MDO or Doctors' Health NT on 8366 0250 or visit ASMOF NT does not provide advice on pre-existing industrial issues. 

Join ASMOF NT now

Contact Details
Phone: 08 8981 7479
Fax: 08 8941 0479